Elizabeth, Ralph, Virginia & Bruno.
Upon arrival, Peter, Emily and their lawyer, Schlocker, politely stake their claim to the family home, while Bruno keeps up appearances, and an evening of murder and madness ensues.

Shot over 12 days in and around Los Angeles, CANNIBAL ORGY, OR THE MADDEST STORY EVER TOLD (to use the film's original, full title) would sadly never see its intended release. During the final stages of post-production, Lasky and Monka, their real estate development business and all assets (including the film) would be held up in litigation after the Los Angeles housing market crashed. It would not be until four years later that filmmaker/distributor David L. Hewitt would acquire the rights to the film, re-title it SPIDER BABY and place it on a double-bill with DR. TERROR’S GALLERY OF HORRORS, a film that Hewitt also directed.

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