HOUSE OF EVIL and THE INCREDIBLE INVASION (co-written by SPIDER BABY co-star Karl Schanzer). The films were finished in Mexico after Vergara’s death, without Hill’s participation, by Mexican director Juan Ibañez.

Pam Grier with director Jack Hill.

Pam Grier, Terry Carter & Jack Hill
on the set of COFFY, 1973.

Bouncing back in 1971 with his first film for Roger Corman’s newly created New World Pictures, Hill rewrote and directed a script by Don Spencer, THE BIG DOLL HOUSE. This film, largely regarded as the blueprint for the Woman-In-Prison sub-genre, became the most profitable independent feature film ever made up to that time. Hill then returned in 1972 with its sequel, THE BIG BIRD CAGE, which he wrote himself. Although credited for re-invigorating the WIP films, Hill’s greatest masterstroke was the casting of actress Pam Grier, the soon-to-be queen of the so-called “blaxploitation” films of the 1970’s. Grier’s screen presence in these two films was a clear sign of a movie star in the making.

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