Hill next wrote and directed the two films for which Pam Grier would be best known: COFFY (1973) and FOXY BROWN (1974). Considered some of the finest exploitation/action films of the era, the impact of these movies on popular culture are still felt to this day. COFFY—which Quentin Tarantino has called the greatest revenge movie ever made—became one of American International Pictures’ most profitable films and was one of the highest grossing films of its year.

Jack Hill on the set of SWITCHBLADE SISTERS (1975).

Jack Hill & Monica Gayle ("Patch") on the

Hill next turned to the world of college-sports-sex-comedies with THE SWINGING CHEERLEADERS (1974). A sly satire in the guise of a goofy sex romp, the film itself was completed, from concept to screen, in an astounding 4 months. Jack Hill then followed up the enormous success of that film with what turned out to be his only box office flop, SWITCHBLADE SISTERS, in 1975, the last film on which he is credited as director. During the next few years he wrote screenplays for other independent productions, sometimes credited, sometimes not.

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